Piano Removal & Storage

We carry out all our own removals, and have the means to move both upright pianos and grand pianos of up to 7'6'' in length.

Piano removals are not as difficult as people would normally believe; assuming one has the correct equipment and the ‘know-how’. We are expert piano movers with over 30 years experience and regularly transport pianos the length and breadth of the country.

Subject to how busy we are and time availability, we are happy to extend this service to customers. Our only proviso is that we do not normally entertain flights of stairs - ground floor to ground floor only. Most homes have a few steps up to the door; this is not a problem. Should we be unavailable at the time, we are able to recommend other excellent nationwide piano movers.

Piano Storage - It is surprising the number of people who, at one time or another, and for a variety of reasons, have a need to place a piano into storage. Be warned! Piano storage should really only be a short term solution, as many a good piano has gone into rapid decline whilst in storage, even with specialist storage firms. This is because pianos do not respond well to excesses of temperature and humidity (damp)!

Should you require storage for your piano, please contact us! We are able to offer a comprehensive storage package that includes:

  • Removal and transportation of the piano to our storage facility
  • Storage in safe and optimal conditions
  • Check over and tune at end of the storage period
  • Removal and transportation of the piano to its new location

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