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John Lill CBE – International Concert Pianist"I thought I would nip out from the dressing rooms to thank you personally, for the excellent tuning, preparation and condition of the piano. I am really very pleased, thank you so much."Concert at N. Lincolnshire Concert SocietyMore about John »

Tori Amos – International Pop Star/Pianist"I just had to phone you. Tori is absolutely blown away by the work you have done to the 280 [her Bosendorfer Concert Grand]. She can’t get over the unbelievable difference you have made to the tone, touch, feel and all round performance of the piano. She says it is a different instrument! We are really keen to start an on going scheme of pre and post tour servicing and repair of all the pianos with you. Thank you so much again."Phone call from John Witherspoon – Manager of Tori AmosMore about Tori »

Mr Aric Prentice – Director of Music, Lincoln Cathedral & Lincoln Minster School"It has been a pleasure working with the Lincoln Piano Centre for the last ten years. Their knowledge and upkeep of our whole range of pianos in the Cathedral and School is excellent, and the renovation of the Cathedral’s flagship Steinway in particular has turned a tired warhorse into a Rolls Royce. We have really benefited from John and his teams expertise." Lincoln Cathedral » Lincoln Minster School »

Nikolai Demidenko – International Concert Pianist"Just to let you know that we are absolutely delighted with the overhaul of the piano which you carried out for us over the summer. At our concert yesterday, Nikolai said “it was better than it had ever been,” which is praise indeed, and he certainly demonstrated the instrument to the full. From the audience point of view, I must say the clarity was excellent and the improvement at the top end was very noticeable. Many thanks for doing a great job."Letter from N. Lincolnshire Concert SocietyMore about Nikolai »

Mr Andrew Dransfield – Proprietor, Chapel Recording Studios"John has been looking after our studio piano here at Chapel for many years now, and he is, in every sense of the word, Mr Reliable! He never lets us down and goes out of his way to accommodate our unusual times and requests. But most importantly of all, when dealing with precise recording work, top-flight producers and world famous musicians, there is absolutely no margin for error. John’s ability and precision in keeping it absolutely spot on is amazing."
Chapel Studios »

Dillie Keane of Fascinating Aida – International Entertainer/Musician/Radio Celebrity"The piano was divine as ever…" "The best pianos of the tour by a long, long way…" "Our favourite pianos from our favourite piano people…" "We’d like to arrange to use your wonderful piano for the recording of the new live DVD…" Fascinating Aida »

Benjamin Frith – International Concert Pianist"Fantastic concert venue and piano. Also a lovely audience!"Concert at Lincoln Piano CentreMore about Benjamin » Gould Piano Trio »

Martin Roscoe – International Concert Pianist"Splendid piano! Many thanks for providing our rehearsal space and hosting our concerts. Best wishes to all of you!"
More about Martin »

Don Airey – International Rock Star [Deep Purple]/Keyboard Player/Pianist"How nice to see you again. Thanks so much yet again for sorting the piano for me. It sounds as brilliant as ever. Did you know I've credited you on the album sleeve?"
More about Don »

Professor Peter Byrne – Former Senior Professor - Royal Military School of Music, Kneller Hall/Former Principal Lecturer in Music - University of London Goldsmiths College/Secretary and Owner - Westgate House Concert Society, Louth"It is with the greatest pleasure that I write on behalf of Mr John Lord, who has been responsible for the tuning and maintenance of my Bösendorfer grand piano, since, after my retirement, I began presenting regular chamber music recitals at my home from about 2004 onwards to the present. I require accurate regular concert tunings for each of these concerts, especially since we are often able to present world-renowned pianists, some of whom are accompanying players on wind instruments, which requires perfect maintenance of the piano at New Philharmonic pitch at all times, as well as ensuring the highest technical maintenance. Having previously worked professionally in London for the whole of my musical career, I have been accustomed to the ready availability of leading expert tuners and technicians, and I am very pleased to include John Lord in that category. Such qualities are rare outside the capital cities. Not only does he enjoy an enviable reputation for his reliability in tuning and piano maintenance, but he has more importantly achieved the distinction of running a highly successful school and course of training in Piano Tuning, Restoration and Repair, at Newark College, and, to the best of my belief, it is the only one of its kind in this country. He has also successfully founded a studio showroom, The Lincoln Piano Centre, for the refurbishment, hire and sale of all leading makes of pianos. He is reliable, painstaking and utterly devoted to the craftsmanship and mechanical excellence of the instruments upon which he is working. I would most wholeheartedly recommend him."

Philippe Cassard – International Concert Pianist"A wonderful time here! Rehearsals, practice, concert, joy and fun! Thanks so much for your special welcome and kindness."

Mrs E. Woodward – Trinity Board Examinations Coordinator"Thank you – all the Lords! Thanks for all your help and kindness with this week’s Trinity Exams, and for once again providing the perfect piano and venue. See you in December!"

Mr M.T. Taylor – Lincolnshire"Thank you so much for doing such a superb job on the piano. My wife is absolutely delighted. Again many thanks for such an excellent restoration and refurbishment."

Mr J. Good – Retired Musician/Music Teacher"If you ever want anyone to vouch for how wonderful the Grotrian-Steinweg is, please feel free to point them in my direction. I am absolutely thrilled with the piano. Everything about the tone, the touch and the piano as a whole is fantastic…"

Mr & Mrs D. Chapman – Lincolnshire"Thank you so much for the wonderful piano you supplied for our wedding. You were all so professional and the piano sounded beautiful. Many thanks."

Mr N. Perry – Teacher of Music, Lincoln Minster School"Just a very brief note to say very many thanks for allowing [ ] to record his university thesis recital at the Lincoln Piano Centre this morning. Your kindness and hospitality cured another headache, which was about finding a decent piano. The Kemble made an excellent sound and certainly enhanced the overall effect on the disc. Thank you once again for your help, and if you can use the material of this letter to endorse your services then please do. With kindest regards and best wishes."

Lincoln Choral Society"I felt I really must thank you for being so kind to move the piano for our Choral Event on Saturday. We really should have been in a very difficult situation without your help and we do appreciate you coming to help us out."
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